park bench

Love, memories, nostalgia. The poignancy can make your heart swell so full until it’s ready to explode, only to then be rent asunder at the pain of loneliness and loss. Reality is never a simple love sonnet. Sometimes we have to embrace it all… along with our own fleeting mortality.


A poignant and immersive experience. Grab some Kleenex and listen to the sublime narration by my friend Simon Howard on Twitter.


  1. Aww, so sad. It is awesome to experience that kind of love but I can only imagine how hard it is to lose that person.

    1. PS! Sorry for the huge lag time on comments – you may have been the very first one! My wife and I have been together for nearly 30 years, and there was something deeply touching and poignant for me as I considered the rapidity of time.

    1. Sara, aww that’s so nice. Hold on tight to the one’s you love. I feel blessed, too. My wife and I have been together nearly 30 years ,and it has all gone by so fast.

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