passions slaked

The followers of Dionysus certainly new how to experience “ecstatic frenzy” in the worship of their god. The story of Pentheus and his mother, Agave, truly takes it to the extreme. With that allusion established, how does this poem connect you to the extreme passions you have felt in your life? How far is too far?

This poem is tricky and complex.  The sublime Simon Howard has created a narration on Twitter that is nothing short of perfect…


  1. I had to go look up Pentheus and Agave before reading/listening so I could better understand the references. (which btw, I really love how you don’t only post your poems, but share a bit about their creation/purpose too) The poem reminds me of a lot in my personal life, namely from growing up to the time surrounding when I left home. And to be honest, kind of hurts, but does anyone really read poetry JUST to feel butterflies? So kudos for that. I’ll spare you the details; it would be too long anyway lol ^^ Thanks for sharing your poetry again! The narration is wonderful too ^^

    1. Thanks! 🙏🍷 The allusions help thicken the stew of some pretty heady content about the extremes of passions, hedonism, and frenzy on steroids. So glad you enjoyed!

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