I love post-apocalypse stories. As a poet, for me, it’s essential to focus as much on the human intimacies as it is on the story. More so. Human connection: love, loss, joy, sorrow, etc are universal feelings that poetry inherently addresses. Sometimes it is fun to play with the setting to see how it enriches the emotional experience and resonance for the reader. For me? I am in love with this dark, sad poem. I wept when I finished it.

Listen to the desperately sad and haunting narration by Simon Howard on Twitter.


  1. Oh so sad! Such a terrible ordeal and to watch your loved ones die and be left alone makes it that much worse. Emotionally stirring! Well done, PS!

  2. I think post apocalyptic scenarios are some of the best for portraying the human experience. When everything ends, we have no choice but to see the best and the worst of our existence. Beautiful, haunting words here.

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