frozen isolation

My Twitter friend, Martii, was my Muse for this poem. She lives in Norway and asked me to write a poem that reflects the boredom and isolation she feels as the world continues to contend with the plague. The result is this sad little poem. Sliced me in the heart when I finished it.

So gorgeously narrated by my friend Simon Howard on Twitter. Narration matches tone perfectly and lifts this poem so beautifully.


  1. Exactly how I have felt for the last couple of weeks…such a sad poem…,what is there to say? Alone in my frozen isolation!

  2. What a great poem to give tribute who died due to COVID, especially who died alone. Today somebody posted on twitter that she lost her 25 year old healthy cousin. It’s devastating and heartbreaking, nevertheless we are together in our sadness, but some people are paying more than others by losing a loved one to COVID. πŸ’”

    1. Thanks, Sara! So sad- all of it. Hopefully this poem helps us all support each other a little more and hug our loved ones a little tighter tonight. πŸ™πŸ·

  3. This poem is really heartbreaking πŸ™ It truly relates what the world has been like in lockdown. I never left the house during most of 2020. These words pretty much say how I felt during that time. Brilliant work, PS!

  4. Yes! Such a perfect view of what it’s like to be in lockdown right now. Unlike spring and summer, when it was easy to go out for a run or walk, you do feel trapped. It’s exacting how I’m feeling right now in Chicago.

    1. Thank you for sharing this, Erin! Hoping this poem helps folks acknowledge their isolation but feel more connected thru that shared bad feeling. Weird goal, eh? πŸ™πŸ·

  5. Such a great inspiration for such a sad poem. It really does feel desolate. Ever since COVID came around, I’ve had this fear of my wife getting sick and having to be separated from me just for her to wind up dying alone. I think I would die too. Alone. This poem kind of hurts…which of course is the best kind of poem.

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