this sunrise

I don’t write a lot of romantic poetry. But sometimes the Muses present me with words that are quite lovely and must be shared. Especially given the paucity of such poems like this one. Not sure what that says about me that I trend toward sadder, darker topics. But I do. And that is that. If you are looking for a lot of Hallmark cards here…. run away! 😊

Listen to the soulful, rich narration and audio by the incomparable Simon Howard on Twitter. Reminds me of a spa meditation at dawn.


  1. So much great, rich imagery in this poem “midst breeze breath ‘s fragranced voluptuousness” and “twining hearts deep in flown soulful luminosity.” Beautiful poem.

  2. Ha you sound like me. My wife tends more toward light-hearted things. Romance, comedy. I tend more toward the sadder, darker things. But then there’s science fiction that seems to be a perfect middle ground for us lol. But this is enchanting poetry <3 Love the narration too. Simon has done a beautiful job

      1. Whatever touches your soul is your true North, never let the expectations of others block your inspiration.

  3. Beautifully written. Your penned words artistically painted the visual representation of a lovely romantic morning.

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