As so many of you know, I deeply value my collaboration with Simon Howard, who so masterfully narrates all of my poems. I often lovingly joke about our “Bernie & Elton” dynamic. In discussing ideas the other day, he suggested that I write on the concept of “exaltation.” The output of that discussion is this poem that captures that joyously, enraptured passion. Several ways to read it. Looking very forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments.

Please listen to this sublime and transcendental narration by my friend Simon Howard on Twitter. If you had a good headset… put it on!


  1. I read it as one’s religious walk with Christ. With references like “a loving disciple” and “in awe of your grandeur,” Other references that made me feel this was a walk with Christ include “Your face shone as the sun” and the four lines beginning with “I dropped to my knees.”

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