the Other

Have we lost sight of the beauty in our differences? Why do we surround ourselves with people who look like us, pray like us, vote like us, fuck like us? Have we lost the willingness to listen to diverse, perhaps even opposite, points of view? Are we that fearful and insecure?

Judgment of others is so dangerous. It establishes a dynamic of I’m right vs you’re wrong. Add a layer of populism and tribalism on top of that, and we begin to vilify each other for our differences. We become angry. Violent. Cruel. Self-righteous.

And in that process, we lose ourselves. Our individuality, our creativity, our identity becomes consumed by the herd of Sames. We watch the same news outlets who tell us we are right. We participate in the same social media feeds. In aggregate, they reinforce our hive mind.

And we die as individuals.

Take a listen to the dark, haunting narration so perfectly performed by my friend Simon Howard on Twitter.


  1. This hit the nail right in the head! So true in today’s world, especially during these times, everyone has different opinions and instead of accepting each others individuality we get mad and unfriend or argue. Great poem!

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