a cashew

“Love on the rocks, ain’t no surprise.” Neil Diamond had it nailed in this classic song. When a love sours, it can feel so bad. So suffocating. Much like a strong allergic reaction. All you want is out, and that sense of dying is quite vivid. Why can’t life or love just be easier?

Backstory for the metaphor – – My daughter ate one pistachio when she was 12 years old. Had a full-on anaphylactic reaction, and we almost lost her on the way to the hospital. I had worked in medical sales for many years and personally knew the ER Director at the local trauma hospital. She had a medical team waiting for us when we pulled into the Emergency Room. They saved my daughter’s life. A day we will never forget. Also, pistachio is a tough word to work with poetically, ergo, cashew.

Come lose yourself in this dark audio by my friend Simon Howard on Twitter. The percussive, Eastern music really places you squarely in a humid cashew grove!


  1. So happy your baby girl is okay! This was a lovely poem. Pistachio is definitely tricky to work into a poem and cashew fits perfectly!

    Looking forward to more! Keep em coming!

    Thanks for sharing.

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