such lights

I am fascinated with challenging themes. I think poetry can allow us a moment to acknowledge those darker, sadder feelings. Give them their space, so that when finished reading, they surrender that space to lighter, happier feelings. I imagine the soul as a dark, dusty old house. Poetry is the act of throwing back the curtains to allow the cleansing power of light inside.

Come lose yourself in the transcendent audio delivered by my friend Simon Howard on Twitter.


  1. A lovely and simple poem, reminisce sadness is one of the emotions that realize us new horizons and a fresh outlook.

    So don’t be sad when you are sad:)

  2. Beautifully written poem. Sadness and darkness needs to be acknowledged in order to make room for happiness. Blocking out unpleasant emotions and not acknowledging it for what it is, is a recipe for disaster. Lovely poem.

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