what tender cost

What are people willing to do when they are desperate? What price are they willing to pay? What lengths will they go to? This poem explores that notion.

My early screeners have told me it means many different things to them, and I do like that the poem can be read on several levels. Most importantly, I’m interested in how/what it made you feel.

What did you feel? What did it mean to you?


  1. I feel like a soul so desperate for love that I would sacrifice all, including my strongest held beliefs, for it. But is this love or lust? In youth, one can be so easily confused.

  2. Had the picture not been placed with the poem, it could denote so many interpretations. Another great use of words. Bravo.

  3. I read it swiftly, noted the beautiful baby…caught a whiff of innocence sacrificed and bountiful crop and my mind first went to a primitive culture where virgins or babies were sacrificed for the good of the whole in exchange for a good crop that year.

    Then I reread it and saw the pic as a reward for a woman’s innocence given in love…a man realizing his passions not only affected his own life as their love spawned new life and love.

    I read the other comments here and saw it again through those eyes…

    What did I feel when I first read it? Sad, such a waste of innocence…for a crop that might never yield. The sacrifice of a beautiful innocent child without whom all the bounty in the world would be meaningless…

    This expressed from mother’s heart, who lost her first child to cancer…

    1. I want to give you a huge HUG! I’m so so deeply sorry for your loss. The poem was written to yield numerous potential interpretations… I love all the versions you extracted! Thank you for sharing. πŸ™πŸ·

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