roses wilted

Grief is so powerful. So devastating. It can make us feel powerless, even useless.

I intentionally structured this poem as a simple, short vignette and attempted to capture those feelings with the garden metaphor to focus the emotional resonance.

On the other end of the spectrum, I think of Allen Ginsberg’s haunting “Kaddish” for his beloved mother, Naomi. An epic poetic masterpiece. If you have not read it, please allow yourself that opportunity.


  1. PS-
    This poem is a lesson in phraseology… “still as death” • “decaying garden” • “shattered” • “lost in sorrow” • “further malnourished” • #Brilliant
    An emotive example of “show” don’t tell…

  2. This is such a powerful poem! My father is terminally ill and a few days ago the doctor said to us that he is end of life. It hurt me to the core and everything mention about being powerful and shattered is so true! It’s such a painful experience that I wish on no one.

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