fragrant memories

For me, there is a certain je ne sais quoi about stories with surprise endings, poetic or otherwise. I struggle to capture the words for the feeling, which really stinks as a writer. Not sure it is just surprise or shock at the misdirection. Or maybe it is the realization that reality needs to be expressed in its entirety to truly understand its complexities. Dunno… Would love to hear your thoughts on what you like/don’t like about surprise endings?

Please listen to the sublime narrations and audio, brilliantly performed on Twitter by my friend Simon Howard.


  1. With my OCPD, I like predictability. I love writing because I know (or have control over) the ending. My mom used to say she felt like she needed a script to live with me.

    I only like surprises when they restore order to the scatter, but they usually scatter the order in my mind.

    You did a beautiful job with this poem. Even with the twist, there was order. Thank you.

  2. The beginning leads you with out a hint of where you are going. I found the ending satisfactory yet heart tugging.

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