labors of Hebe

“As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods; they kill us for their sport.” – William Shakespeare, King Lear.

This poem attempts to capture the notion of Fate… and regret. Heracles – a hero, now god, whose 12 labors were spent atoning for the madness (induced by a jealous goddess) that forced him to murder his own children is now, so many years later, lost in memory, guilt, regret.

Told from his wife’s point of view, we find a hero saddled with the sins of his past. But his wife wants him present. To appreciate the now, and the blessed life they share. He has suffered and atoned, many times over.

How many of us wallow in the past? Lost in our own pain that we cannot see the beauty of the life we have today? Struggling to be present? Ugh, this poet, for one: Guilty as charged.

PS Conway


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