in my abandon

Have you ever lost yourself in passion? Surrendered yourself, body and soul, to a moment? That feeling is so unforgettable. It can even trend a little dark. ๐Ÿฅ€๐Ÿ–ค

I tend to gravitate toward darker, sadder topics in my poetry. There are now several thousand of you who regularly read my online poems, so I know you ken what I am saying.

For those who are new to my work – WELCOME! I would openly tell you this poem is not representative of a large portion of my oeuvre. Check out some of my other poems on the website, there are almost 100 now, to see what I mean. Love poetry is usually not my jam.

Speaking of ‘jambs’… one of my favorite literary devices in poetry is enjambment. Most simply explained: read to the punctuation. Don’t look to the end of each line for a natural pause or even for a pause in the separation between stanzas.

Enjambment helps smooth out a sometimes sing-songy rhyming pattern, particularly in love poetry. The rhymes are still there (ABCA etc), but they tend to get lost in the content. It focuses less on the poem structurally and more on the beauty of the language. Like any literary device, it should enhance your experience with the poem – ultimately lead to a richer outcome for the reader.

Love to hear your thoughts on this love poem (or the use of enjambment) in the comments. Cheers! ๐Ÿท


  1. Strong imagery โ€œeyelashes…like angel feathersโ€ and โ€œlight…tickle and charmedโ€; powerful poem; alliteration makes rhyme unnecessary in this poem (repeating sโ€™s and wโ€™s)

  2. Even in your casual speech, not the poem itself, your words are poetic. I have had one of those moments and could not have explained it any more beautiful. Thank you again for sharing your work, even if it is not your norm (and kudos on 100+ poems!)

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