sentenced to suffer

This poem explores the notion of suffering. There is something profound to me in that idea.

In reality, do we get so accustomed to our burdens and sufferings that we forget it can always be worse? Do we take a moment to appreciate the myriad blessings in our lives while we have them?

In poetic terms, more figuratively, is there a fate worse than hell? Can recalling lost beauty be a worse punishment than damnation?

While the allusions to the Greek myth of Ixion helps thicken the poetic stew, I felt quite emotionally connected to this particular poem. It is heavy, it is dark, but is also – at least for me – so so sad. I cried when I wrote the fourth and fifth stanzas, and I cannot read it aloud without choking up on those words.

But, hey! Writing is a deeply personal (and self-serving) process. I just hope that you, my friends, connect with this poem half as much as I did. Love to hear your thoughts in the Comments.

🖤 🖤 🖤


  1. I just watched the Atonement movie yesterday, and the young girl story resonates with your poem very much. The sufferings within are very daunting, much more than the tragedies themselves.

  2. Takes me out of reality to a deep, dark, painful, ugly place for a few moments. Makes me grateful for all I have when back into reality. Dwelling on how fast things could change for the worse.
    You are a great writer.

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