viny thorns

Forbidden love. Poets have broken the hearts of readers for millennia exploring this tragic theme. The ensuing tragedies and repercussions from these taboo affairs echo throughout the ages.

The legend of Tristan and Isolde helps provide some backdrop to this new poem. While I feel this poem stands alone in its theme of tragic forbidden love, the image of true love’s eternity captured in a rose tree (Isolde) wrapped in thorny vines (Tristan) is so transcendent in it’s beauty. And it’s lots of fun to turn phrases like thorny vines into viny thorns. Mouth candy.

Please let me know if the Comments section what you think and if this sad poem touched your heart. Love to hear what it meant to you.


  1. Although it’s sad, I see that love will find itself and latch on in a harsh way or whatever. Here it is! Awesome poem

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