in adoration

Nearly 30 years since my wife and I first started dating. I still love her more today than the day before.

There are moments, like the scene in this poem, where I wake up to her sleeping beside me, and I am utterly lost in enchantment. My greatest wish is that everyone has an opportunity to experience such joy and adoration in their lives.

When the Veil parts for me, and it is my time to pass over, I can do so knowing I loved so profoundly… and been loved even moreso in return.

Lรจve ton verre pour aimer! โ˜˜ ๐Ÿท


  1. True love is the wonder of life, and you guys are lucky to have it, and cherishing it for the rest of our lives, is a wonder in itself.

    A lovely poem. Cheers.

  2. From the smoothness of her back, to the depth of her eyes, to the roots of her hair. Love is love nope, this here is TRUE LOVE. Awesome!

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