balefire burn

Passion. That loving, carnal swell of desire. Dancing with a lover. Maybe that lover is a goddess who traversed the Veil for this one night each year?

The ancient, pagan Gallic and Celtic traditions of the Summer Solstice or Midsummer or Litha have ancient roots in commemorating the longest day of the year.

These traditions of bonfires burning in celebration and sacrifice to god (or gods) felt like such an appropriate setting for this poem. The heat, the hunger, the need.

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  1. What a love affair! Such strong and powerful affection! Love the poem! I remember reading this one once before.

  2. Embrace the summer with all its heat and passion! This reminds me of a solstice festival I once went in Vermont with giant puppets, drumming and dancing and camping in a field.

  3. Dance the dance of love with your lover. Yes, I love it and I remember reading something similar. Awesome!

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