this magical night

Who doesn’t love romantic poetry and smushy gushy language?

This is a love poem, for sure, on a surface-level reading. But I like it all the more when I discover there may be something perhaps darker or sadder lurking below the surface.

This poem was fun to write when read from the perspective and point of view of the narrator. But who is the narrator? Is this a reliable source?

The backstory comes from the Greek myth of Apollo & Daphne. Discovering the allusions are half the fun of a poem like this one. Here is a link, in case you are unfamiliar…

Seen through this new lens, the poem (at least for me) becomes a little more tragic if not delusional. The ultimate tale of unrequited love… and the wicked games the gods play.

And so my fellow poets and lovers of poetry, don thy laurel wreaths… and tell me what you think in the Comments section below.


  1. They have this one night of being together, I felt some evil lurking around the trees somewhere. Awesome poem

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