empty canvas

This poem is sad. No question about it. I cried when I finished it. Broke my heart. But what is it about certain poems that affects us so deeply?

Is it the contrast of the beautiful imagery with the heart-breaking realities of the narrator’s situation?

Is it the word choices and specific language that delivers that hefty poignant punch?

Is it the personification of bland, inanimate things that bring more humanity to the poem?

Not sure if it isn’t all these things, or just that death and loneliness are so desperately relatable to all of us… whatever it is, I would love to hear your thoughts and Comments on this poem.

-PS Conway


  1. Definitely a sad poem but the image of the screaming wind reminding her she is alone is heartbreaking. Deeply emotional poem, well written.

  2. Touching. Made me think of my husband, who was an artist, and the unused canvases left behind in his studio.

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