buried by your side

Oh my broken poet’s heart!

Irish mythology and legend contain so many heart-wrenchingly tragic love stories. They could make William Shakespeare cry!

But the backstory to this poem takes place nearly 1500 years before The Bard penned his magic. It is set during the Ulster Cycle (~1st Century AD) in Ireland.

This poem alludes to the famous myth of Deirdre of the Sorrows. Imagine Helen of Troy meets the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones. Excited yet?

Here is a link if you care to know the entire story: https://bardmythologies.com/deirdre-of-the-sorrows/

In this poem, we meet the doomed lovers, Deirdre and Naoise, as they return from Scotland to Ireland to meet their fate.

Think of it as a soliloquy from Deirdre’s point of view. Then back away from the allusion, and think perhaps how the emotion of this poem connects with you. Here and now.

What would you risk for true love? What role does fate and destiny play in your life?

Comments are always most welcome below…. Enjoy. ☘ ☘ ☘

-PS Conway


  1. The fate filled question of true love. Would you die for it? For all of us who are in love, we believe we would without a second’s thought about it, but for most of us, our love will never be tested in that way. Your very vivid images of her make you see through his eyes just how beautiful she was and her brave and courageous action at the end showed her love for him. Emotional poem, PS!

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