mercies gained

I loved this poem from the moment my Muses pushed me to pen it.

But, alas, I’m a bit biased.

To be sure, it uses some dark, enigmatic imagery to paint a picture of “elsewhere.”

But then it (hopefully) compels the reader to ponder – perhaps even question – the nature of mercy, forgiveness, and absolution.

Heavy themes!

How far is too far? What price would we pay for absolution? What if we know it was at the expense of others? How selfish are we really?

Let me know how the poem affected you. Love to hear your thoughts on the questions it raises, too, in the Comments Section below.

-PS Conway ☘ ☘ ☘


  1. Yes!!!! This is incredibly dark, and I love it!!! I think it is my favorite poem you have written so far. And it’s just like human instinct to worry about the consequences of their choices after having made them. Fantastic job! A definite favorite!

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