time-tested rafters

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Something fiendishly fun for your Halloween 2021.

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-PS Conway ☘ ☘ ☘

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time-tested rafters

there, at the end of Revenant Lane

Gallows House dwells in derelict pain

lurked in the murk of nightfall brume

deathless decay midst All Hallows gloom

on this night each year the Veil abates

to gather lost souls direct from hell’s gates

assemble them all in Gallows’ great hall

gather them full in twilight’s thick pall

here, sorrow deep and malice combine

in the form of a noose of tragic design

a fresh soul to claim shall hang in the eaves

a fresh soul to seize while families grieve

no treat only trick for kids who dare

to knock on black doors without a care

or play naughty pranks on this unholy eve

discover their souls never shall leave

ringed in thick by phantoms that smother

years of victims deliver another

halls choked brimming with brimstone laughter

there, found swinging from time-tested rafters


  1. I particularly love the time-tested rafters. That is so creepy. Anything that speaks of child victims gives me the chills. Terrific metre and rhyme. Well done Pat!

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