awoken by a rainbow

Happy(er) New Year, my friends!

To quote Shrek in the 2001 movie, Shrek, “Ogres are like onions… Onions have layers. Ogres have layers….”

Poems are also like ogres… err… like onions. Well, I suppose both.

Sometimes poems are layered… more than what they necessarily present on a first (or second or tenth) read. One of the oh-so-many reasons I adore poetry so much.

With this poem, I believe there is an opportunity to discover some layers – and I am really excited to hear your thoughts in the Comments section below.

What was the poem about for you? How did the poem make you feel? Any lit nerds (like me) catch the allusions?

-PS Conway ☘ ☘ ☘

☘ ☘ ☘ ☘ ☘

awoken by a rainbow

awoken by a rainbow

an odd effect of last night’s rain

on the windowpane refracting

the morning sunlight in my eyes;

i bask in its warm hued glow,

eyes closed, feeling content and sane,

my blissful mind reenacting

our lovemaking, your pleasured sighs;

like a messenger from the gods

you summoned me to attend your

every need, while the thunder raged

zephyrs wailed outside in the dark;

such jealous night, angry and awed,

sought to drown us in tempest roar,

but nothing could curb or assuage

the bonfire formed from our spark;

eyes open, you’re no longer here,

a single white feather dropped from

your angel’s wing, all that remains,

as you return ‘long your rainbow

into the arms of a storm cloud.


  1. I’m sure you must be alluding to some goddess of love but I don’t know who. Did Venus roll into his bed on a rainbow? That would be a nice surprise.
    Sexy poem Pat! 😍

    1. Even worse – I’m such a lit nerd – the original poem was about the rainbow goddess (Iris) having an affair with a mortal and getting caught by her husband the wind god (Zephyrus) – I changed it quite a bit but kept some of it in the background… LOL 🍷🙏🌈🌹

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