blue canoe

Hey, friends!

This week’s poem came to me while looking for some free wallpaper art online.

Sometimes there is a magical event that connects a visual image with the written word. A type of synchronicity.

This picture did that for me. I immediately felt a connection to the blue canoe, but not for its vivid color in the image. More for its singularity in the landscape. Its utter aloneness.

The words came quickly, and the blue canoe became a metaphor for… well, you can read it below.

A lot of emotion went into this poem. I still feel it in my soul when I re-read it.

I hope you connect with it as well. Please let me know your thoughts and/or feelings in the Comments Section at the bottom of the page.

-PS Conway ☘ ☘ ☘

☘ ☘ ☘ ☘ ☘

blue canoe

last night’s walk along the lake

at trail’s end an abandoned

battered blue canoe bobbed in

the soft laps of twilight wake

there beneath sunset birdsong

i saw my soul

a blue canoe

such potential

beached and bereft

we jilted things did not belong

long i wept into the night

until the stars’ icy gaze

dried my eyes in their distant

indifference to our plight

the emptiness of my life

    and this battered blue canoe.


  1. This poem seems so sad “we jilted things did not belong” and “…their distant indifference to our plight the emptiness of my life…” That battered blue canoe makes a great metaphor. Nicely done, P.S.!

  2. Well I often feel this emptiness too Pat. It’s the great existential, “Why are we here?” Our lives are like fleeting seconds of hollow attempts to achieve some sort of greatness.

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