Amalfi coast

Hey, friends!

Sharing an older poem this week that somehow got lost in my poetry files.

I wrote this poem during some dark times in my life last year, when several friends and family members passed away, all in a very short period of time, all quite suddenly. Yeah. It sucked.

I always think of the phrase: “go to your happy place” when times are tough.

Well, for me, the Amalfi Coast in Italy is that happy place. My wife and I have been so blessed in our lives to have traveled quite extensively. But nowhere on earth (for us) compares to the Amalfi Coast – its history, its people, its beauty, its FOOD!!!

So I wrote this poem to remind myself that while life can have moments of darkness, sorrow, and horror, I need to reflect and recall its light, happiness, and beauty. Darkness serves as a counterpoint to the light. For me, having lived in the darkness makes me appreciate the light all the more.

And what an effulgent ray of light the Amalfi Coast is!

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-PS Conway ☘ ☘ ☘

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Amalfi coast

meet me on the Amalfi coast,

there you will find a piece of my

soul, dancing like a wistful ghost

amongst the lemon groves, terraced

down the cliffs to an azure sea,

where cormorants sing elegies

for noble sailors lost, waves tossed

in tears of briny sorrows deep,

i rise upon a citrus scent

to a balcony above thin

sunset haze, our tangerine-tinged

lips kiss, such bliss, absolve all sin

earned before our seaside Eden,

to hike the path of the gods again

such creation laid before us,

in impossible perfection,

to make love beneath the full moon

high in the sea sky, ambrosia

found in supple red wine, swooning

drunk, lost, enraptured in your arms.


  1. Well this perfect romantic memory is certainly appropriate for Valentine’s Day, even though you were trying to forget some serious sadness. A beautiful tribute to your wife and all the good times you had together. ❤

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