‘long fog-stained moors

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This week, let’s explore the ancient legend of the leannán sídhe (“fairy lover”) who in Celtic tradition is a Muse (of sorts) and one of the Aos Sí (“people of the mounds”)… a race of spirits descended from the gods.

This Muse usually takes the form of a beautiful woman. She becomes the lover of male artists who allow her to drain them of their blood (and misoginy, lol) in exchange for her gifts of brilliant (albeit short-lived) artistry.

For all intents and purposes… she was, in modern terms, a vampire. With a creative flourish…

I find myself fascinated with the lengths people will go to achieve success. And I think this poem serves as a haunting cautionary tale of just that… in the extreme.

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-PS Conway ☘ ☘ ☘

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‘long fog-stained moors

come to me, my leannán sídhe,

‘midst the sloes and blackthorn trees

‘long fog-stained moors, my shadowed wight,

unveil full grace of moonlit night

gift to me, sweet Aos Sí,

a poet’s pen to honor thee

and granted thus, i shall create

such subtleties which replicate

the runes of Yeats, the voice of Keats

in words intoned both ruined meet

‘long fog-stained moors bereft by blight

where poet’s souls cry out in fright

drink from me, my leannán sídhe,

taste my soulful oblation free

so holy in this surrender sweet

to the words thou shalt engender


  1. This is one of your best, in my mind. I love the total surrender to the muse. I love the language choices you made here. If we can leave behind a great legacy of art then this is worth dying for.

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