a fevered dream

Welcome, dear friends!

This week’s poem explores the mystery and transformative beauty of true love, beginning with the notion of a fevered dream.

For those of you who appreciate Celtic mythology, you will note the allusions to the primordial swan goddess, Cáer Ibormeith.

Feel free to Google her, if your inner-academic so desires… a wonderful story. It will help thicken the poetic stew for you, too. I promise.

Absent that homework assignment, I truly believe this poem stands well on its own. I found myself haunted by it for days after writing it… returning to re-read its almost faerie-tale romance.

For those of you who write… it’s that sense of detachment from your own words where you ask yourself later, “Huh… I wrote that?”

Please let me know your thoughts and feelings in the Comments section below. Love to hear from you!

-PS Conway ☘ ☘ ☘

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a fevered dream

a fevered dream besets me so

that all my waking thoughts succumb

to slumber’s soft sweet gentle tow

to follow Cáer’s angelic hum

follow her call to the lakeside

where cygnets feed me yew berries

i am poisoned yet have not died

i am spirit ‘mongst the faeries

i am edacious for her favor

i am transformation inspired

in her feathered embrace i savor

i am everything desired

chain me to her silver necklace

for i am hers and hers alone

purposeful no longer feckless

crossed o’er the Veil both heart and soul

into a Samhain night sky sloe

we take to flight our swansong fair

a fevered dream left far below

on true love’s wing

shan’t i despair


  1. What a gorgeous poem and legend. I wish I could turn into a swan and then back into a human whenever I felt like it. Having the same dream every night for acyear would certainly be compelling. I would follow that dream too.

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