in horror

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This week’s poem is an homage to sonnetry.

Though I am certain some of my contemporaries still espouse the virtues of free verse, I must admit I rather enjoy traditional meter, rhyme, and structure.

New Formalism is a late-20th century movement in poetry, that dedicates itself to celebrating the narrative structures, traditions, and aesthetics all but abandoned by poets post-Cold War.

If you like poetry with a more traditional feel, check out some of these prominent New Formalist poets: Charles Martin, Molly Peacock, Marilyn Hacker, and Dana Gioia… to name a few!

Let there be no doubt… it is hard as hell to write a sonnet. Maybe it’s the challenge I love. Dunno.

Either way, I believe I have created a poem this week that gets after some challenging topics, using several poetic devices, and maintains its dark emotional heft while adhering to the mandates of an Elizabethan sonnet.

I truly hope you enjoy it. Would love to hear your thoughts and feelings in the Comments Section below.

-PS Conway ☘ ☘ ☘

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If you have a Twitter account, I was honored this week by my dear friend, Simon Howard, to have this poem narrated. Listen to him bring this poem alive here with his brilliant, dulcet, British baritone. Thanks again, Simon. Cheers. 🍷

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in horror

help me make sense of turmoil, for turmoil’s

sake, when malcontent turns to malfeasance,

be it jealousy which seeks to embroil

those we once loved, suffer such recompense

as to lose our last sense of right or wrong,

to succumb to betrayals of our most

beloved, to be so wrong in our swansong

that we slaughter love and mourn her ghost,

in acts of our most Machiavellian deeds,

we plead for the gods to hear our appeals

to save us from venality, the seeds

of which compel us – in horror – to kneel…

“Demand me nothing’ utters vile Iago,

as he draws the sash, closes the window.


  1. Love this, very dark, foreboding but delicious read on a dark rainy afternoon.

  2. You slayed it, my friend! Down to each and every detail of every word and every rhyme in every line! A masterpiece! I loved this one! Such dark tones…forgive me but I love how this poem “closes the window.”

    1. PS! I am so happy this poem worked for you… it is rather dark! Not sure if your heard Simon’s reading, but really brings some extra darkness. Cheers! 🍷🌹🖤✨🙏🏻

  3. I like this structure and the dark thoughts. ‘to be so wrong in our swansong that we slaughter love and her ghost’ . I like these lines. Nice poem

  4. This poem reminds me of my cheating first husband. Why do some people always hurt the ones they love? Perhaps they are just not cut out for committed relationships. Nice Shakespeare reference Pat.

    1. Hopefully not too triggering, Naomi! This poem definitely speaks to that cruelty and evil in our nature. Bigs hugs, my friend. 🙏🏻🌹🍷🖤

  5. Not many of us have escaped this dark malfeasance in life whether we be the victim or the perpetrator or a bit of both. So relatable!

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