constancy of the tide

Welcome, dear friends!

This week’s poem touches on something very near and dear to my heart… rhythm.

Many of you who know me will recall that I have been drumming since I was seven years old.

I grew up surrounding myself with the rhythms of drum gods like Neil Peart (Rush), John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), and Stewart Copeland (The Police), to name just a few. And that percussive feel permeates many of my poems… including this one.

Even though this poem rhymes quite traditionally, AA BB CC, etc, the last rhyming word of each line does not (necessarily) control the cadence. Generally, it is the punctuation and occasional line breaks that drive it.

That said, the intention is to leverage a poetic device like rhythm to enhance the reader’s experience with the poem… and this poem definitely has a lot to take in: life/death themes, some Celtic mythology, the devotion of true love. So enjoy!!

Love to hear your reactions, thoughts, feelings in the Comments Section below. Thanks.

-PS Conway ☘ ☘ ☘

☘ ☘ ☘ ☘ ☘

constancy of the tide

take my arm, my love, let us make haste

new day dawns chaste, no time to waste

down ancient flights, witness the sunrise

yawn wide whilst somnolent day fills skies

remorseless surf serenades us

in Selkie song sweet, intoned thus,

midst their portentous comely cries

of a fate our fevered faith belies

for if today, my final breath falls

it shall be tinged in salted Selkie calls

filled with the constancy of the tide

our love captured in sunrise, eyes wide,

beside your side, no further harm

to breach the Divide, safe upon your arm

i step serene into the sea


  1. What a love story, almost song like in its rhythm! “Filled with the constancy of the tide, our love captured in sunrise, eyes wide,” love the beauty in these two lines.

  2. This is yout most joyous poem that I’ve read. I love its quick pace and sing-songy feel. I can feel their arms swingkng back and forth holing hands, like they’re skipping. I refuse to read the last line as a suicidal. They are surely just frolicking!

  3. Being in Scotland presently, and having stood seaside on many occasions, I feel this poem intensely and, although the last line is perhaps open for interpretation, I see it as a way and a wanting to capture a moment in eternity. The sea is a lovely keeper. Beautiful work here, PS.

    1. Julie, so thrilled you connected with the poem. And I absolutely think your interpretation of the last line is legit – and so beautiful! Thanks so much… and enjoy Scotland! We’re taking my dad to Ireland for his 80th birthday in a few weeks (and can’t wait to stand seaside, myself)! 🦭🙏🏻🌹🍷💙✨

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