eyes fixed ahead

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I think it was the famous poet laureate, Pat Benatar, who once told us “love is a battlefield.”

Cool dance sequences aside, this week’s poem digs deep with some references to our 5th Judge of Israel in the Old Testament, Gideon.

Knowing Gideon’s story of an army of 300 warriors battling overwhelming forces (which ironically preceded the Spartan King Leonidas battling the Persians by ~700 years) is not at all necessary to appreciate this poem.

It’ll just help you appreciate just how old the Old Testament actually is… hehe.

I truly hope you enjoy this week’s story of faith, battles, and love… served on a silver platter of exciting biblical allusion (perhaps along with the heads of some Midianites).

Please let me know your thoughts/feelings in the Comments Section below.

-PS Conway ☘ ☘ ☘

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eyes fixed ahead

despite my apostasy, i beheld

the face of your god and survived to tell

so i might blow a mighty horn

so i might smash a jar of light

scatter shadows in the night and reveal

such sacred scripture that shall not kneel

at the edge of the river to drink

face down like a lapping dog

but instead imbibe from my calloused hands

eyes fixed ahead, horizon line scanned

for a sign of heathen armies

for a sign our love might yet endure


  1. I love the image of smashing a jar of light to scatter shadows in the night. Perhaps this warrior’s faith will carry him forward against the odds. Inspiring stuff Pat!

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