a ghost recalls

Hello, dear friends!

Many of you who read my weekly poetry releases know I gravitate to challenging topics around loss, loneliness, and the search for divinity… with maybe an occasional love poem sprinkled in. (hehe)

I feel exploring darker, sadder topics can be cathartic.

Not only perhaps for the value of facing our own demons, but also for the contrast and context it provides us when we experience lighter, happier moments.

For me, the Light is so much brighter when I have confronted the Darkness. I appreciate it all the more.

This week’s poem made me sad when I wrote it. We all deal with loss, but this piece attempts to tackle memory and death (and love?) from a poor confused ghost’s point of view.

Not going to lie, this one brings a wee tear to my eye each time I re-read it.

Looking very forward to hearing your thoughts & feelings on this poem in the Comments Section below.

-PS Conway ☘ ☘ ☘

☘ ☘ ☘ ☘ ☘

a ghost recalls

i don’t know if i once knew you

but i like the color of your hair

i heard you speak my name aloud

with so much tenderness

with such care

i felt like i should recall you

but time has a too funny way

of replaying muddled memories

yet i think maybe

i might have loved you

for once – when once was something real –

there was a man

who knew how to be

who knew how to feel

but that seems so long ago

i hear the ache of your tearfall

i see the pain in your loss

and i wonder if i knew you

if perhaps i might have even loved you

i cannot quite recall


  1. Sad indeed; I can only imagine how lonely it must be for ghosts. They are only people. I try to be kind to them and befriend them when I can. Life must have been hard enough for them while they were alive.

    1. True words to be sure, Jen. Living or dead, practicing some warmth and empathy isn’t a terrible life lesson for any of us, eh? Cheers 🍷🙏🏻🌹✨

  2. This poem makes me think of my friends who are caring for their parents with Alzheimers. It is so gut wrenching when their parents don’t recognize them any more. Yet the love always finds a way through and there’s a bond of trust that’s unbreakable. 💙

  3. How sad! Who knows how much or even if we will remember about this life once we have passed. Or if we will remember anything at all and death not be just an eternal sleep. Very thought provoking poem, PS!

    1. Oh, PS! It is all so thought provoking without any answer until we pass to discover for ourselves.. thanks so much for the kind words! 🙏🏻🍷🌹✨👻

  4. I’m wondering if you literally meant a ghost? Or how life can harden us against tender feelings and we become ghostlike?

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