woodland grace

Hello, my friends!

Two weeks in a row we are exploring the subject of trees in my poems. Must be something to do with the changes of autumn? Hmm.

This week we explore the White Lady of Celtic origin… the birch tree.

Her white bark is distinctive and was oft thought in ancient times to ward off evil, especially around Samhain, when the Veil between the mortal and immortal worlds was at its thinnest.

Return with me to this holy place. To the cathedral of the forest.

And please let me know your thoughts/feelings about this poem in the Comments Section below.

-PS Conway ☘️ ☘️ ☘️

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woodland grace

meet me in the forest

where the White Lady waits

heal me ‘long the lakeside

‘midst silv’ry sussing manes

oh, to be ‘mongst the trees

in hallowed woodland grace

veiled safe from calumny

where malice has no face

where sanctity holds reign

praise conveyed by birdsong

moves the soul to display

such blithesome tears erelong

let us fade into moss

bound handfast to the birch

nourished by Her tears and song

renounce life’s senseless search


  1. I would like to disappear into moss. I support the green burial movement. Just put me in the ground to rot, no box necessary. Life’s senseless search also speaks to me. Why do we have this endless quest to improve ourselves? Evocative poem Pat!

  2. Very lyrical poem and so evocative. I am lucky to live near forests with plenty of birch trees – ‘The Lady of the Woods. ‘ it’s great to be among them.

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