between field and forest

Hello, my dear digital friends!

This week’s poem holds a lot of meaning for me. But where would the fun be in telling you those details?

I am far more interested in hearing your uninfluenced thoughts and unfiltered reactions to this poem.

So, for this week, no revelatory preamble… just a request to let the words be the ingredients to guide you in finding your own meaning in this darkly layered poetic cake. YUM!

And as always, please share your thoughts/feelings in the Comments Section below.

-PS Conway ☘️ ☘️ ☘️

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between field and forest

the asylum of dreams

where ghosts of us roam the shadows

between field and forest

redolence of change

there amidst a harsh northern breeze

under the e’er watchful eye

of the Holly King

to know love tender

to forget its relentless pain

to un-know a kiss

delusions of grandeur

seek the white hart deep in the woods

smothering trees seek our undoing

and we embrace them

the ache for escape

here at the edge of entropy

between field and forest


  1. Love this clever and dark poem! Great from start to finish with the opening words, “asylum of dreams,” to the closing words, “ache for escape,” the reader can tell this is a tortured soul. You know how much I love dark poetry!!! 😂 This poem is filled with emotion easily felt by the reader. One of my favorites, P.S.!

  2. This was a tough one for me to get a handle on. I think “redolence of change” is a key verse. Sometimes our dreams can hone in on what is bothering us in real life that we are too afraid to acknowledge. If we can follow the white hart into the forest we will find what we are looking for.

  3. What an emotive poem. I am an old soul, for me the forest has deep meaning, to meditate, to connect with the universe, to feel at home. The forest teaches us of death and renewal, the very edge of entropy.
    I loved this poem for its honest dark meaning. Thank you 🙏

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