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I love when poetry – and sometimes words themselves – can have layered meaning. Absolution is one of those words for me.

It can mean forgiveness, in its most basic form. But there is often a more religious definition suggesting a formal forgiveness (of sins).

Bottom line, why wait to die? Why not seek forgiveness while alive?

Embrace love. If needed, apologize while you can because, in the end, we all end up… ending. And then it’s anyone’s guess what’s next.

I hope you enjoy this dark cautionary poem. Please let me know your thoughts and feelings in the Comment Section below.

-PS Conway

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often times

love’s demise comes

as a whisper in the night

life’s fragility clings

to the conceit of control

how small we seem

when our worlds fall apart

the trials of the heart

pale in comparison

to the unfairness

of such calamity

when we return

to the debris

from which we rose

it’s much too late

for platitudes, for “i’m sorry”

absolution – –

meted out dispassionately

in the Void


  1. Very thought provoking verses, Patrick. Other words like, release, mercy,
    exculpation and excuse, come to mind while meditating on this poem.
    Certainly absolution for the living but perhaps the same for those family & friends who have died. – like releasing them, though not forgetting them

  2. I read this poem several times to fully absorb the meaning. Forgiveness is essential, in my opinion, for not do so continues the to hurt indefinitely, baggage that is carried around unnecessarily. Love is the only way. Very thought provoking, thank you 🙏.

  3. I’m not gonna lie. This one hit me hard this morning and I had a good cry. It brought up old family beefs with people who are now gone and the stubbornness that kept us apart. If we had only said sorry perhaps things could have been better. Who knows?

    1. Big hugs, Naomi. I think it’s the hardest thing in the world we do to ourselves is ask “what if?” Maybe the best we can do is keep doing better going forward? 🖤🌹🍷🙏🏻✨

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