invisible things

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It’s such a Shakespearean contemplation… “to be or not to be”… the ultimate soliloquy over life or death.

Or as Hamlet ponders, if death is a sleep, “perchance to dream,” what will we dream into being in that “undiscover’d country from whose bourn no traveller returns?”

Hamlet seems to reason he’d rather choose the known ills of life over the unknown dream that is death.

Death is unseen. Absent proof, only faith can assuage our fears over what comes next. And death shall, in the end, reveal the truth.

This week’s poem began from that notion… that nature of unseen (invisible) things. And in some ways the cyclical (and perhaps cynical) connection of them all.

The rest I will leave up to your discernment.

As always, please let me know your thoughts and reactions to this poem in the Comments Sections below.

-PS Conway ☘️ ☘️ ☘️

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invisible things

tis but in the nature

of invisible things

to feel unseen

to be the air

to raise a mighty wind

that rips and tears the trees

to be in love

the ache of need

hard rends a heart apart

when her voice calls on the breeze

to be a soul

soft essence fair

a feather in an angel’s wing

love’s remnants cling and wane

to be a sigh

to know such pain

surrender it to the wind

waste it upon the trees

tis but in the nature

of invisible things


  1. Sometimes we turn visible things into invisible in our lives.. And make them feel insignificant, though they continue to make a major impact in our lives.

    Awesome write…

  2. Whilst some poets write beautifully about ‘Daffodils’, you chose complex conundrums that require deep thought on the part of your reader … love that.
    My thoughts … the term ‘Human Being’ gives a clue, as to the visible and invisible of humanity. We, as humans are born to die, ‘being’ on the other hand suggests an invisible entity, the essence of who we are, a continuum.

    I love the idea that when my physical body is no more, the essence of Sandie will be the whisper on the breeze, the joy of bird song and the magic of a sunset. Maybe the world is full of invisible souls.
    Thank you 🙏

    1. Oh, Sandie! How I love this comment. First, of course, thank you! My favorite poetry is a blend of head and heart… something that makes me look up a word or search some allusions or re-read multiple times to grasp the complexity… but then I want to feel it in my toes. In my soul. Second, your “essence of Sandie” comment is absolutely beautiful! I hope and wish that, too! Cheers, my friend. Thanks again. 🙏🏻🌹💨✨🍷

  3. I like the way the poem transitions from the sadness of leaving a love behind to a longing to leave all pain behind. I think we will gradually surrender in this way and let go of sadness and accept that abandoning our pain ridden body will bring a new kind of sweetness.

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