north winds

Hello and welcome, my dear digital friends!

As I continue to age, and not in the amazing Benjamin Button-esque way I so crave, I have become more acutely aware of time.

Its relentless linearity. Its dispassionate tick tock chime.

We small things – with loves, with feelings, with lives – strive for relevance against forces far greater than we can comprehend.

And, in the end, we are born to die. *SIGH*

So let’s celebrate the moments in between. Take time to be kind. Let others be seen and heard and valued.

Tell someone you love them today. Give them a hug.

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-PS Conway ☘️ ☘️ ☘️

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north winds

eggshells and feathers

scatter across the nest

in our aerie high amongst the clouds

in this once hallowed place

where algid north winds ruled

hailed us with their mighty gale

gave clarity to our reality

the urgency (and brevity) of now

yet we achieved true warmth

nuzzled cheek-to-cheek

our coos and our heartbeats

kept time with soft starlight blinks

do you recall? we could see Elysium

and knew not of covet nor death

for the gods held no sway

or so we convinced ourselves

absorbed in the perfection

of our own boundless empyrean

but time (like the gods)

has a cruel and un-funny way

of burying love midst shadows

expecting memories to sustain

themselves in epitaphs

or in eulogies or in graves

adorned with brittle eggshells,

tattered feathers for the pain


  1. Sad reminder of the feelings of loss, while acknowledging love abounds…memories are just not enough to equal the true measure of love shared between people…great poem!

  2. I like the way this poem comes full circle. I’m always scared by how little value memories hold. I know that once the last person dies who remembers me, I will be truly erased. Memories are like feathers in the wind. Good analogy. I also like the word “covet”; a useless clinging to things / people we hold dear. Enjoyed this one Pat.

    1. This is such a great comment, Naomi. So important we make those memories while we still can… before they’re lost or memorialized in an epitaph, eh? Thank you so much. 🙏🏻🍷🌹✨

  3. Life and love are fleeting, immediate, intense. Past merges with now and future in what appears a continuum but what begins must end. Life inevitably ends but love endures in memories, in the children we create, the fledglings that leave the nest.
    Lovely thought provoking poem 🙏🍀🍀🍀

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