in the moonshade of a crucifix

Greetings & salutations, my dear digital friends!

Grief is such a powerful emotion. We all handle it differently.

Many stars we see at night are already dead.

Their light reaches us across the vast expanse of time and space long, long, long after they exist no more.

Because of that fact, I have never found much solace in stars.

Never been able to overly romanticize them – not successfully, at least.

Grief is such a powerful emotion. We all handle it differently.

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-PS Conway ☘ ☘ ☘

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in the moonshade of a crucifix


in the company of stars

lying here

upon your grave

in the moonshade

of a crucifix

reminded how everything dies

even god

all these stars

twinkle & mock me

their beauty

an elaborate illusion

another graveyard

in the sky

light cast into a void

which swallows all


    1. Well, as an atheist, I do not take issue with your verse “everything dies, even god” but some readers might, I suppose. I never thought about stars being dead and their light traveling on. They play such an interesting trick on the mind. I love it Pat!

      1. Thanks so much, Naomi. I do love that art can offend those easily offended… 😈 hehe… as for stars ⭐️? I’ve sadly never had the romantic notions about them that is so popular amongst writers. Weird eh? Cheers, my friend. 🌹🙏🏻🍷✨

  1. Grief is the cruelest of emotions, it takes a grip of our being and won’t let go. However, we are made of universal elements, stardust, so for me the magnificence of the night sky has meaning, we are connected, the universe is me. I will one day return to dust and maybe shine, just a little ⭐️.
    Love the poem.

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