searching for a sign

Salutations, my dear digital friends!

I love when poetry can speak to us on levels. Open up feelings old and new.

Sometimes a poem is beautiful just for its lilt and word choices. On this level, the language carries the piece with such earfeel or mouthfeel, it’s almost a physical reaction.

Other times, it’s the story or message it conveys. On this level, it is the direct plot meaning that captures a reader, much like prose.

And yet other times, poetry can be an extended metaphor. On this level, the reader understands there is more to the plot than meets the eye… revealing a larger connection to broader ideas or themes. Or the opposite occurs and the piece becomes deeply personal to the reader.

And then there are times when the poem is a puzzle. Abstract, even confusing. On this level, it requires the reader to seek meaning outside the poem… in the allusions or the symbolism or other literary ingredients that thicken the poetic stew. But when all the breadcrumbs are gathered, these more academic poems can be highly rewarding.

All this said, this week’s poem evoked the need for me to discuss this topic with you, my friends. Why? Who knows? It just did.

With that as context, please let me know your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to this poem in the ‘Leave a Reply’ comment section at the bottom of this page.

-PS Conway ☘️ ☘️ ☘️

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searching for a sign

in the thirsty years
when the riverbed lost her song
the forest whispered leafy colloquies
wondering what shall become
of its very being

when the disquiet of skies
and dawns bloomed blood orange
the crickets and bees
cowered in the stillness of the trees
eyes fixed on the heavens
searching for relief

searching for a sign
watched ragged cloud wisps
form then falter
consumed by watercolors
that teased consolation
in their garish pastel hues

‘til the linnets returned
from far and away
brought the blessings of rain
mountains wept at their beauty
and the riverbed (again)
recalled her voice


  1. I read the poem on its literal and figurative level because I found so much beauty in the words and their imagery, but also found that the poem offers a vision of hope in a time of distress.

  2. I think everything and everyone occasionally looks for a sign – maybe much more than occasionally…
    Be it in nature or in the heavens, and when it comes, you just know – no explanation is needed.
    The sadness is when it comes but it’s not acted upon…
    I like this one Paddy Boy …..

  3. I left a long comment on Twitter. Your poem brought tears to my eyes for personal reasons. But thank you for giving me your words Patrick. It has given me a way to express myself at this difficult time of year for me and my family.

    1. Big hugs to you and your family, Wendy. I’m glad the words resonated with you and you felt a connection, my friend. Thank you. 💙🙏🏻🍷🌹✨

  4. Oh my … your use of such beautiful words to poetically describe a desperate situation, a need of something beyond our control, took my breath away. I uttered a sigh of relief, for it has a happy ending, and I do love a happy ending.
    I will read this poem many times.

    1. I love a happy ending, too, Sandie! It’s weird that I don’t allow for that resolution in many of my poems… haha… oh well. Thanks, my friend, for such a wonderful comment and such kind words. Cheers 🍷🙏🏻☘️🌹✨💙

  5. This poem evokes the terrible summer forest fire seasons we have been having in recent times. Every creature suffers the drought and waits in the haze for relief. Global warming is very scary to me.

  6. Perhaps it evoked your need to speak on the topic to have the reader go more deeply into the mechanics of it by auto suggestion…. The use of metaphor for “a sort of global recession by nature herself” mirrors our own plight, as the age old mechanism of searching outside of ourselves for resolution, remains a habitual pattern …until it doesn’t, and some part of the whole sees the need and empowers itself to resolve and feed it, to restore the balance back to LIFE…. That in itself is a habitual pattern by NATURE and LIFE ITSELF… a declaration of I AM, stopping short of proclaiming it…

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